Researching air pollution in cities of the Global South

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As the research project will unfold over the coming years, we will share results, accounts from the field and news through this website.

Global Car Seminar

A joint seminar between members of the Global Car project and members of the Globalsmog team will be held on Oct 18 at the CERMES3 Lab (Site Saints Pères Paris). This seminar will discuss the global market of second hand cars and its impact for the Global South countries. Two of our colleagues will present their work:

Jessica Pourraz (Sciences Po Bordeaux) - Du statut de déchet à celui de véhicule d’occasion :

la construction du marché automobile au Ghana

Bérénice Bon (CESSMA, IRD, Université de Paris) - Du Japon à Nairobi, remonter les filières des véhicules d'occasion au Kenya

IRN SustainAsia Conference 2023

In the frame of the SustainAsia Conference 2023 (Oct 10-11) our team is organising a panel on the governance of air quality in Asia:

Sarath Guttikunda (Urban Emissions) - Air Quality Surveillance and Monitoring in India

Bertrand Lefebvre (IFP) - Governing Air Quality in Indian Cities: Perspectives from Hyderabad and Pune

Do Van Nguyet (Live and Learn for Environment and Community of Hanoi) - Collective Actions for Clean Air in Hanoi

Olivier Evrard (IRD PALOC) & Mary Mostafanezhad (University of Hawai) – From "Smoky Season" to "Haze Crisis": Narratives of Seasonal Air Pollution in Northern Thailand

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The Project

Air pollution is a global environmental and health problem. Although it has become a major concern in the large cities of the Global South, few of them manage to tackle this pollution effectively. This multidisciplinary research project proposes to better understand what causes such hindrance by analyzing the perceptions of this public health problem, the orientations of public action and the obstacles to its implementation in five African and five Asian cities.

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Research Objectives

To better understand the role of international cooperation and globalization processes for the framing of air pollution issues and circulation of knowledge.

To better understand the interplay between scientific knowledge and policy in the context of the Global South.

To explain and analyse the local social processes of issue framing and agenda setting around ambient air pollution in LMIC cities.

To analyse cross-sectoral policy making in the context of large LMIC cities.

To formulate policy recommendations in order to foster better policymaking and implementation for the cities of the Global South.

The Cities